Standard Chartered joins TradeLens


Standard Chartered joins TradeLens

Standard Chartered has become the first financial institution to join the TradeLens blockchain-enabled container logisitics platform developed by IBM and Maersk.

Simplifying the complexity of global trade with blockchain

The global supply chain is very cumbersome and costly, with a lot of administrative costs. Todd Scott, IBM VP, Global Trade, elaborates on working together with Maersk and putting together a blockchain solution that improves efficiencies and eliminates costs across the system.

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Panel Discussion 2: Digitization In Trade

The second segment focused on technology and digitization in the logistics sector which will benefit all stakeholders.

Panelists for the session were

• Winfield Wong, HSBC
• Muhammad Shohiduzzaman, HSBC
• Dr. Abdul Mannan Shikder, National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh
• Varun Kulshreshtha, TradeLens
• Kamal Ahammad, Marks and Spencer

Winfield Wong, the keynote speaker for the panel, highlighted the need for digitization in Logistics Sector, along with the significance of knowledge sharing and sustainability as key drivers for growth. He also focused on the strong commitment of foreign companies toward Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), which is aligned with the 2041 vision of the GoB.

Stanchart joined #TradeLens





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