Newcastle Building Society installs technology to serve customers of shuttered bank branches


Newcastle Building Society installs technology to serve customers of shuttered bank branches

Newcastle Building Society is responding to the rising tide of branch closures by installing technology to that will enable personal and business customers of all major banks to withdraw cash and deposit notes and coins through the Society’s network of high street branches.

10.5.2022 Historic District Commission

10.5.2022 Historic District Commission

Teens Mock Boy At Burger King, Don’t Notice Man On Bench

A Huge Problem
We all know bullying huge problem all over the world — it’s been happening before the word even existed. Picking on people for no reason and dumping all your personal frustrations on them is something we see around us.

Fortunately, bullying is now a subject many of us are aware of, and the trend of standing up to bullies and having others support you is on the rise. Take, for example, this boy’s experience at his local Burger King.

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• Ben Sampson, Director of Digital Programmes, Yorkshire Building Society
• Manila McLean, Chief Information Officer, Newcastle Building Society
• Celine Allain, Senior BFSI Industry Lead, Bold 360
• Phil Gosset, Head of Innovation, Nationwide
• Moderator: Brendan Gilmore, Managing Director, BPG Strategy

Neighbours Called Him Crazy, But He Had the Last Laugh

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