Lloyds to cut a further 48 bank branches


Lloyds to cut a further 48 bank branches

Lloyds Banking Group is to close a further 48 bank branches, with a possible loss of 178 jobs.

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Lloyds Bank Announces Plans To Cut 9000 Jobs And Close 150 Branches

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Lloyds to cut 9000 jobs and close 150 branches
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Lloyds axes 150 branches and 9000 jobs
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Lloyds Banking Group has confirmed 9,000 job losses and 200 branch closures as it moves to bolster its digital banking offering.
The bank – part-owned by the taxpayer – said the cuts would take place over the next three years as consumers’ habits continued to shift towards online banking services.
Lloyds said it would be investing in remote advice services for customers, who would be increasingly expected to use online banking or self-service facilities within branches instead of dealing with staff face to face.
Sources at the bank told Sky News it had previously shed 45,000 jobs since its bailout at the height of the banking crisis.
The news was contained in its latest results which showed a nine-month profit before tax of £1.61bn – 5% down on the same period last year.
Lloyds said the figure included an extra £900m provision for the costs associated with the payment protection insurance mis-selling scandal
Sky News reported on Monday night that Lloyds and other major banks were all planning to put aside extra funds, giving them a combined provision of more than £22bn.
Lloyds accounts for half the total.
Underlying profits for the business, which includes Halifax and Bank of Scotland, rose 41% to £2.2bn in the third quarter.
The job cuts announced by Lloyds represent around 10% of its current workforce of 88,000 and form part of its plans to “digitise” the bank.
Earlier this year, the British Bankers’ Association published research showing that UK-based customers conducted almost 40 million mobile and internet banking transactions each week in 2013, a huge increase on the previous year.
The branch closures will mainly affect urban areas where there are already high concentrations of Lloyds branches.
Chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio said: “Over the last three years the successful delivery of our strategy has ensured that we have become a safe, highly efficient, UK-focused retail and commercial bank.
“The next phase of our strategy will use these strong foundations as a basis for meeting the rapidly-changing needs of our customers, and sets out how we will grow the business in a way that will deliver increasing and sustainable returns for our shareholders.”

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Lloyds Bank Manchester Flagship Branch

We’ve opened a state-of-the-art branch in Manchester designed to address changing customer needs. Combining face-to-face expertise with new technology, this new generation branch has been designed to address the changing ways that customers are choosing to bank on the high street.

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