Springfield Armory AR-15 rifle scope is manufactured by Piranha Rifles. This is one of the rifles in their AR category. The Springfield Armory AR-15 is a product of the Italian company S&S Precision Optics. The company also manufactures other Italian made rifle scopes such as the S&S ACUVUS optic scope, which is a carbine based rifle scope. This scope is the only one of its kind in the world.


The Springfield Armory AR-15 is an assault rifle used by police and army troops for training and target practice. It can fire high velocity ammunition similar to the M1A gun. The handguards are made from heavy duty aluminum alloy construction and features anodized bolts. The handguards have larger channels that help keep dirt and debris from entering into the inside of the rifles. The larger channels also help to disperse the recoil energy better.


Other features of the Springfield Armory AR-15 rifle include an integral attachment known as the flash hider, which is designed to attach a small laser rangefinder to the end of the handguard. The Springfield Armory AR-15 has a folding stock, which can be used with an additional buttstock. Some models feature a magazine-holder, but it is not included on all models. This magazine-holder can be removed without disassembling the rifle.


The assault rifles of the Springfield Armory AR-15 are featured in two distinct parts: the handguard and the buttstock. The handguard is attached to the side of the rifle with two holes. One hole goes through each side of the handguard. To attach the buttstock to the rifle, there is a single fixed spot where the buttstock will touch the upper side of the rifle. A break throw handle secures the buttstock in place.


Both the AR-15 rifles and pistols of the Springfield Armory are equipped with detachable magazines. There are six magazines total; two in the stock and two in the magazine well. The magazine well will hold eight magazines, including one that is specifically intended for the Springfield Armory Assault Rifle. There is an adjustable hop-up port on the upper receiver of the assault rifles. This allows the user to adjust the amount of the kickback that occurs when the shooter looses the rifle’s accuracy as it rises from the ground.

The Springfield Armory AR-15 pistol has a similar safety design to the rifles. It has a pistol grip and a safety grip and is equipped with a stationary front sight as well as a rotary vented rear sight. The pistol has an aggressive pistol grip, and the buttstock is mounted with a flip-out adapter plate for easy attachment to an existing rifle butt. The part ii pistol is also easily modified, making it appropriate for use with a variety of calibers of ammunition.


For models that are compatible with the CZ Scorpion Evo series of rifles, there is a pistol called the CTR Carbine. The pistol has a shorter overall length than the AR-15 rifles, allowing it to be used more easily by smaller individuals. However, it is not as fast as the rifles and does not have the same firing power. It features a steel block magazine and a removable steel magazine, which can be attached to the pistol using a barrel nut connector kit. A suppressor is also available for the CTR Carbine.


For those individuals considering an assault rifle, but only want it for the range, the Springfield Armory AR-15 is a good option. It has the ability to shoot longer shots, at ranges beyond the range of a standard sized rifle. It can handle larger calibers and can be used for targeting individuals at ranges up to fifty yards and under. In addition, the pistol is a good choice when carrying a weapon in more populated areas, where a rifle would not be as effective. If used in the line of duty, this is one of the best pistols to purchase.