The Noveske ar-15 is a folding, fully-automatic, red-dressed, magazine-fed, semi-automatic, pump-less, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, gas powered, semi- automatic, pump-less, high powered, fixed blade carbine developed for the special assignment of gun hunting by the Navy Seals. It is the oldest British army issued a rifle and was used by the British Grenadiers during the Boer War. A more up to date and lighter weight model of the Noveske ar-15 is the Noveske Rifles ar-15.

The Noveske ar-15 is a bullpen gun with a magazine holding over one thousand cartridges. It is a light weight, easily transportable, strong and efficient weapon. It can fire a heavy gauge bullet at ranges in excess of two thousand feet. It can be used to shoot at short ranges to stop the red deer quickly, which will draw their attention to your red deer hunting camp. It is effective in this situation because if the deer are not stopped quickly they will run away.

The Noveske Rifles red deer shooting centre is a folding, metal body, which is easily portable. It can be folded or collapsed flat when not in use, which makes it easier to transport and less likely to damage its case or its magazine if it falls over. It is fully lined with red dot synthetic optic sights and includes a sling adapter and a rubber butt pad.

The butt pad can be removed without disassembling the whole unit, although some people like to keep it in place. It is made of synthetic polymer and has a Velcro fastening strap to attach to a sling. The rear sight on the Noveske ar-15 is also located on the sling, which means that all three sights can be easily located. There is an adjustable windage dial which can be used while the gun is being fired. On the side of the unit there is a magazine feed swivel which can be adjusted for both left or right handed persons. The sling adapter also allows for left hand shooters to shoot right handed ammunition.

The Noveske Ar-15 weighs in at seven and one-half ounces, which is medium weight for a semi-automatic rifle. It has a standard bull barrel with a small porting mouth. The rifle is offered in either left or right hand models. There is a plastic carry case that provides a good carrying handle. The rifle comes with two rubber covers that protect the finish on the barrel and the buttstock from scratches.

For hunters who are considering this type of rifle, there are many excellent options available. Some of these include the Diamond Steak Up (FSR), the Bobcat, and the Noveske AR-15 Carbine. Each of these models is offered in black or red, and each has their own unique features. Once you have examined the different models you will be more comfortable in making your decision.