The BCM AR-15 is one of the most popular rifle models in the world. However, it is oftentimes used as a practice or target gun. This is because it is so easy to use and maintain that many military and law enforcement agencies continue to purchase them for training and other special operations.

This is a semi-automatic pistol. It can be easily obtained at a BCM dealer. It has a comfortable carry handle and a two handed safety. The grip is ergonomic and textured for comfort and the fingerguards are made from fiberglass. It has a rubber magazine butt pad.

The BCM AR-15 pistol shoots up to sixty-five feet per second. This makes it suitable for rapid shooting. They are easy to handle, reliable, and accurate. The BCM AR-15 is a favorite among hunters and is known for its reliability. They are also popular with law enforcement agencies because of their durability.

The BCM AR-15 comes with a two-ring magazine. It is compatible with most standard handguns as well as many self defense firearms. The pistol is loaded using standard ammunition which is safe for everyday use. However, it is recommended that the users fire a shot off test prior to any self-defense use. This helps ensure that the firearm is not only safe but effective.

The butt of the gun is designed to be comfortable and secure. It has a finger indent at the front of the butt plate. This allows users to manipulate the device easily while wearing gloves or even without a glove. There is a rubber recoil pin placed in the butt of the device to minimize slippage and prevent the operator from handling the gun with an unbalanced hand.

It is very easy to disassemble the BCM AR-15. It can be taken apart with the provided wrench. There is an additional six screws that need to be loosened before the magazine can be removed completely. An added feature of this particular pistol is that the charging cables are fully encased in the pistol itself. The charging cables are so tough that they can withstand extreme temperatures. These cables are also incorporated in the butt of the device to ensure that they are tightly held in place.

A BB gun can shoot up to fifty feet per second. To get the maximum range, you should aim for an effective trajectory. When practicing with this weapon, it is best to shoot from a standing position. This will help minimize slippage that might occur during the actual shooting session. The BCM AR-15 pistol is also compatible with most standard pistol sights.

For more information on this product and other products of the same type, please visit the official website of the manufacturer. This website offers free lifetime warranty and a wide selection of refurbished models. You can also browse through catalogs available on the Internet. If you prefer to talk to a trained professional, you can also visit the BBM Arms website and make a purchase.