MFG Spotlight: Lewis Machine & Tool

Lewis Machine & Tool ar-15 were developed by Lewis & Clark Company in the early 1930s. This model was used for the first time during the First World War. This rifle was a direct descendent of the M1 rifles used by the military and later by the police. M1 is the acronym for modular automatic […]

MFG Spotlight: SpringField Armory

Springfield Armory AR-15 rifle scope is manufactured by Piranha Rifles. This is one of the rifles in their AR category. The Springfield Armory AR-15 is a product of the Italian company S&S Precision Optics. The company also manufactures other Italian made rifle scopes such as the S&S ACUVUS optic scope, which is a carbine based […]

History Of The AR-15

The History of the AR-15 The History of the Ar-15 is a long one, starting at the very conception of the rifle itself. It all starts with the discovery of gunpowder and the subsequent development of steel. At some point in time before that, humans had used the bones of animals for such things as […]

MFG Spotlight: Rock River AR-15

Rock River Arms, Incorporated, is a small manufacturing business in Coloma, Illinois which manufactures tactical gear and other hardware for AR-15 type rifles, and other automatic rifles. It was founded by Jim Parks, and has a local manufacturing facility in Norridge, IL. They have been in business since 1985. They sell a variety of items […]

Mfg Spotlight: Noveske

The Noveske ar-15 is a folding, fully-automatic, red-dressed, magazine-fed, semi-automatic, pump-less, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, gas powered, semi- automatic, pump-less, high powered, fixed blade carbine developed for the special assignment of gun hunting by the Navy Seals. It is the oldest British army issued a rifle and was used by the British Grenadiers during the Boer War. […]

MFG Spotlight: Windham Weaponry

Windham Weaponry is a specialist British supplier of paintball equipment and accessories, known for its excellent customer service and after-sales service. As a company listed on the FTSE 100, one of the world’s largest stockiest and traded markets, Windham Weaponry takes pride in its products. Although Windham doesn’t produce the highest quality paintball guns, it […]