Manufacturer Spotlight: BCM

The BCM AR-15 is one of the most popular rifle models in the world. However, it is oftentimes used as a practice or target gun. This is because it is so easy to use and maintain that many military and law enforcement agencies continue to purchase them for training and other special operations. This is […]

MFG Spotlight: Knights Armament

The Knights Armament Ar-15 is a handheld, gas-powered automatic electric weapon. It has a carrying clip and two handles, one in the top of the weapon and one on the bottom. It fires rubber it’s similar to the Airsoft guns of old. It is more stable than the older models of Airsoft guns. It is […]

Manufacturers Spotlight: LWRC

An excellent compact carry rifle, the Llano LWRC AR-15 is an excellent choice for hunters who are looking for a reliable, inexpensive and easily carried weapon. Like many AR-15 type rifles, the AR-15 has an adjustable rate of fire. In this case, it has a two-position telescopic dial that can be fully telescoped in three […]

History Of The 223 Caliber

The 223 Remington Magnum is the most powerful handgun in the United States Army and its M1 variations are the primary ammunition for the service’s small arms. However, the service does use other ammunition for its M1 rifles and carbines including the 5.56mm rifle rounds. Although it is generally used for sporting reasons in shooting […]