Crossbow Review: Cold Steel Tactical Crossbows

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A crossbow that shoulders like an AR-15? Cold Steel manufactures just that! This AR-15 inspired crossbow is a great choice for survivalists, hunters and more!

Cold Steel is a quality company known for making high-quality tactical rifle and pistol accessories. I have had many of their products, and they are all good, however, I must say that I liked their rifle scopes better than their crossbows. There is really not much more to say about this company other than that they made me happy with my purchase. Cold Steel has been in the firearms industry for a very long time, and they have always been good at what they do.

One reason that I liked Cold Steel over others is that they offer a lifetime warranty on their tactical scope. This is something that many companies forget to do, and I am sure that this was a mistake on the part of the original manufacturer that designed the scope. If you ever decide to sell your rifle or pistol and purchase a replacement, you can be assured that the original scope is replaceable. It doesn’t matter which one it is, because if it were not replaceable, I would not suggest buying it.

Another reason that I liked this company’s products so much is that they actually made quality products. They put tons of hard work and money into their product, and they did not take shortcuts in any way. The result is a great product that you can trust. The one downside to this company is that they might need to speed up production in order to meet the demands of the military and hunting community.

The Black Knight model is one of the most popular models available from this company. This crossbow has an extremely long eye relief and a very ergonomic design. The weight is 4.65 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest crossbows available. It has an eight-inch stabilizer and is made out of black polymer.

crossbow reviews
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The company also has an MRM model, which stands for Modular Retractable Mortar M1. This type of crossbow is perfect for people who want a more customizable weapon. One thing that is unique about the MRM model is that the front end of the rifle is detachable, while the rear is not. Therefore, if you plan on carrying a sling or some other type of mount, you won’t have to worry about it while shooting.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this Black Knight tactical crossbow review. The fact that it was written by an actual user of the product convinced me that the company put a lot of effort into the making of this product. The fact that it is one of the lightest tactical crossbows on the market convinced me that it was made with durability and comfort in mind. The trigger was easy to use and delivered a crisp clean release. The weight and feel of the rifle are perfect for an avid hunter. If you are considering purchasing one of these rifles, be sure to check out this review before you make your decision.

MFG Spotlight: Lewis Machine & Tool

Lewis Machine & Tool ar-15 were developed by Lewis & Clark Company in the early 1930s. This model was used for the first time during the First World War. This rifle was a direct descendent of the M1 rifles used by the military and later by the police. M1 is the acronym for modular automatic rifle and is a very popular model of rifle still in use today. The company was eventually known as Lewis and Clark and later became part of Parker Brothers firearms.

Lewis Machine & Tool ar-15 are well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The adjustable hop-up offers a fast shooting action with a crisp clean shot each time. When shooting groups of target this carbine will perform admirably. The Lewis Machine & Tool ar-15 lower receiver are an accurate and versatile choice for your next rifle purchase.

MFG Spotlight: SpringField Armory

Springfield Armory AR-15 rifle scope is manufactured by Piranha Rifles. This is one of the rifles in their AR category. The Springfield Armory AR-15 is a product of the Italian company S&S Precision Optics. The company also manufactures other Italian made rifle scopes such as the S&S ACUVUS optic scope, which is a carbine based rifle scope. This scope is the only one of its kind in the world.


The Springfield Armory AR-15 is an assault rifle used by police and army troops for training and target practice. It can fire high velocity ammunition similar to the M1A gun. The handguards are made from heavy duty aluminum alloy construction and features anodized bolts. The handguards have larger channels that help keep dirt and debris from entering into the inside of the rifles. The larger channels also help to disperse the recoil energy better.


Other features of the Springfield Armory AR-15 rifle include an integral attachment known as the flash hider, which is designed to attach a small laser rangefinder to the end of the handguard. The Springfield Armory AR-15 has a folding stock, which can be used with an additional buttstock. Some models feature a magazine-holder, but it is not included on all models. This magazine-holder can be removed without disassembling the rifle.


The assault rifles of the Springfield Armory AR-15 are featured in two distinct parts: the handguard and the buttstock. The handguard is attached to the side of the rifle with two holes. One hole goes through each side of the handguard. To attach the buttstock to the rifle, there is a single fixed spot where the buttstock will touch the upper side of the rifle. A break throw handle secures the buttstock in place.


Both the AR-15 rifles and pistols of the Springfield Armory are equipped with detachable magazines. There are six magazines total; two in the stock and two in the magazine well. The magazine well will hold eight magazines, including one that is specifically intended for the Springfield Armory Assault Rifle. There is an adjustable hop-up port on the upper receiver of the assault rifles. This allows the user to adjust the amount of the kickback that occurs when the shooter looses the rifle’s accuracy as it rises from the ground.

The Springfield Armory AR-15 pistol has a similar safety design to the rifles. It has a pistol grip and a safety grip and is equipped with a stationary front sight as well as a rotary vented rear sight. The pistol has an aggressive pistol grip, and the buttstock is mounted with a flip-out adapter plate for easy attachment to an existing rifle butt. The part ii pistol is also easily modified, making it appropriate for use with a variety of calibers of ammunition.


For models that are compatible with the CZ Scorpion Evo series of rifles, there is a pistol called the CTR Carbine. The pistol has a shorter overall length than the AR-15 rifles, allowing it to be used more easily by smaller individuals. However, it is not as fast as the rifles and does not have the same firing power. It features a steel block magazine and a removable steel magazine, which can be attached to the pistol using a barrel nut connector kit. A suppressor is also available for the CTR Carbine.


For those individuals considering an assault rifle, but only want it for the range, the Springfield Armory AR-15 is a good option. It has the ability to shoot longer shots, at ranges beyond the range of a standard sized rifle. It can handle larger calibers and can be used for targeting individuals at ranges up to fifty yards and under. In addition, the pistol is a good choice when carrying a weapon in more populated areas, where a rifle would not be as effective. If used in the line of duty, this is one of the best pistols to purchase.


History Of The AR-15

The History of the AR-15

The History of the Ar-15 is a long one, starting at the very conception of the rifle itself. It all starts with the discovery of gunpowder and the subsequent development of steel. At some point in time before that, humans had used the bones of animals for such things as gunpowder. Somewhere along the line, someone decided that it would be fun to shoot a bullet through a rifle barrel and came up with the modern idea of converting that into a rifle.

When using animal bones, no doubt for the powder, humans discovered that it would be much easier to load the rifle with powder than it would be to load the gun with bullets. Thus, what was born from this research was the first AR-15 rifle, which was chambered in a different material than the typical firearms being used in those days. A few years later (around the time the Great Depression was beginning) came about the realization that there was money to be made by selling gunpowder to consumers and thus the AR-15 was born.

Around the same time, perhaps after World War II had passed and America was still fighting wars overseas, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald came from the States and headed up to Vietnam to take part in the war. As was the norm at the time, he stayed behind to train other Americans in its use. Once he returned home, he began selling his new product to retailers and the rest is history. This is where the story ends for the history of the ar-15 and how it ended up in the hands of one man who would make it into the history books. That man was Lee Harvey Oswald.

When he created this unique weapon, he decided that he wanted to make it so simple for any kid to pick it up and use it for his own killing, if ever given the opportunity. So he designed it with a trigger that was easy to use and installed iron sights on the end of the rifle. Naturally, with the iron sights included, the accuracy of the rifle was off a bit and the weapon was not as accurate as he had hoped. So rather than go through the hassle of reworking the trigger and making it work properly, he decided to just make a few upgrades to the gun control parts and then went out and sold them. This is where the story of the AR-15 begins.

The original AR-15 was a gas impingement gun and did not have any type of stabilizer. It used a hand crank mechanism to manually operate the bolt carrier. It was designed to be simple and effective but not very reliable when using against humans. To remedy this problem, later AR-15s adopted a magazine that held pellets in a fixed position and was attached to the side of the gun, much like a pistol magazine today.

The first modifications to the AR-15 were not overly significant and did not significantly change the operation of the rifle. In fact, the AR-15 was largely unchanged from its initial conception until around the time of the Second World War when the gun control laws changed dramatically. One of the changes was the ban on automatic loading of rifles. This ban was not implemented in all states or regions at the same time so in some places a rifle could be legally loaded even if it was not an “automatic” rifle.

The ban on automatic loading of rifles effectively killed the AR-15 as a sporting rifle. Many hunters were not deterred and continued to purchase high capacity ammunition in order to use the gun for hunting. For years after this law passed, hunters still purchased high capacity AR-15s in order to use the rifle for hunting. Once the firearms industry began to experience a large increase in business, assault weapons began to be banned as well.

After the ban on automatic loading of rifles went into effect, there was little chance that any type of high capacity ammunition could ever be legally purchased. Remington was successful in keeping the market for their Remington rifles in business. This new development provided the company with a means of mass producing firearms that could be used for both military and hunting purposes. Today, Remington is the leading manufacturer of sub-machine guns, pump guns, and other high caliber firearms.

MFG Spotlight: Rock River AR-15

Rock River Arms, Incorporated, is a small manufacturing business in Coloma, Illinois which manufactures tactical gear and other hardware for AR-15 type rifles, and other automatic rifles. It was founded by Jim Parks, and has a local manufacturing facility in Norridge, IL. They have been in business since 1985. They sell a variety of items such as sights, lasers, red dot, reflex sights, accessories, and cleaning equipment. They also sell an extended warranty to their customers that covers mechanical failures but not normal wear and tear, for one year. All the equipment they sell is backed by a lifetime limited factory warranty.

The AR-15 rifle is the mainstay of Rock River Arms’ business. These are the rifles used in shooting competitions all over the world. They have a reputation of being extremely accurate, fast, and safe. Most of their models are carbide designs with a short barrel. The rifles can be ordered directly from Rock River or via the Internet. You don’t need to have a background in rifle assembly to work for them; all you need is an automatic license!

The company is still fairly new, having just started in 1997. But, they’ve become extremely popular among law enforcement and other specialized forces, because they are so easy to operate and customize. They also offer a full line of other military-style equipment and accessories. This might be just what you’re looking for if your goal is to become an expert rifleman.

Their website is absolutely loaded with information about their products and services. If you need help deciding what options to look into, they even have a FAQ page with several questions that you can answer to get a better idea of what you want. But, most of their features are pretty self explanatory. They offer many different styles of AR-15 rifles and related tactical gear. You can choose from pistol grips, fixed sights, removable carrying handles, sling mounts and a lot more.

If you know anyone who has purchased one of these guns, ask them about the customer service they received. Did the rifle arrive in good shape? Did the fit the person’s hand well? How were the accessories attached and was the whole thing secure? These are all questions you should be asking before you make a purchase.

One feature that is definitely worth the price is the mounting system. Rock River takes pride in the way their rifles are mounted and secured. Even if you don’t care about hunting, you will likely use this special mount on other sporting equipment, such as a wheelchair, or your motorcycle. It is secure and reliable, which means it will last for years to come. The ar-15 has a full-length charging handle, which makes it convenient to operate. For added safety, the charging handle can be placed inside of the receiver, which keeps it out of the way while still giving you good access to the bolt and charging mechanism.

The sights on this rifle are also great. You are sure to see plenty of options when you look through the rifle’s iron sights. From red dot sights to laser sights, Rock River has you covered. The laser sights offer you a little bit better accuracy than you would expect from an airsoft rifle, making it a great choice for use in close quarter combats.

Overall, this is one of the best airsoft rifles on the market today. It has all the features you would expect from a mid-range rifle and is one of the most popular airsoft models on the market. If you are looking for a solid, sturdy, reliable rifle that will give you a good fight, then take a look at the Rock River AR-15. It is one great choice.

Manufacturer Spotlight: BCM

The BCM AR-15 is one of the most popular rifle models in the world. However, it is oftentimes used as a practice or target gun. This is because it is so easy to use and maintain that many military and law enforcement agencies continue to purchase them for training and other special operations.

This is a semi-automatic pistol. It can be easily obtained at a BCM dealer. It has a comfortable carry handle and a two handed safety. The grip is ergonomic and textured for comfort and the fingerguards are made from fiberglass. It has a rubber magazine butt pad.

The BCM AR-15 pistol shoots up to sixty-five feet per second. This makes it suitable for rapid shooting. They are easy to handle, reliable, and accurate. The BCM AR-15 is a favorite among hunters and is known for its reliability. They are also popular with law enforcement agencies because of their durability.

The BCM AR-15 comes with a two-ring magazine. It is compatible with most standard handguns as well as many self defense firearms. The pistol is loaded using standard ammunition which is safe for everyday use. However, it is recommended that the users fire a shot off test prior to any self-defense use. This helps ensure that the firearm is not only safe but effective.

The butt of the gun is designed to be comfortable and secure. It has a finger indent at the front of the butt plate. This allows users to manipulate the device easily while wearing gloves or even without a glove. There is a rubber recoil pin placed in the butt of the device to minimize slippage and prevent the operator from handling the gun with an unbalanced hand.

It is very easy to disassemble the BCM AR-15. It can be taken apart with the provided wrench. There is an additional six screws that need to be loosened before the magazine can be removed completely. An added feature of this particular pistol is that the charging cables are fully encased in the pistol itself. The charging cables are so tough that they can withstand extreme temperatures. These cables are also incorporated in the butt of the device to ensure that they are tightly held in place.

A BB gun can shoot up to fifty feet per second. To get the maximum range, you should aim for an effective trajectory. When practicing with this weapon, it is best to shoot from a standing position. This will help minimize slippage that might occur during the actual shooting session. The BCM AR-15 pistol is also compatible with most standard pistol sights.

For more information on this product and other products of the same type, please visit the official website of the manufacturer. This website offers free lifetime warranty and a wide selection of refurbished models. You can also browse through catalogs available on the Internet. If you prefer to talk to a trained professional, you can also visit the BBM Arms website and make a purchase.


MFG Spotlight: Knights Armament

The Knights Armament Ar-15 is a handheld, gas-powered automatic electric weapon. It has a carrying clip and two handles, one in the top of the weapon and one on the bottom. It fires rubber it’s similar to the Airsoft guns of old. It is more stable than the older models of Airsoft guns. It is one of those rare Airsoft guns that has an excellent carrying case, as well. This gun is a great partner for your Airsoft gun collection.

The first thing you should look for is the durability of the Knight’s ARM Weapon. If it is made of plastic, it will probably last a long time. The polymers used are very tough and will not break easily, even if you use the gun outdoors on a variety of surfaces. Another good feature is the weight. It is not too heavy, so if you have a shorter body or short legs, this is a good choice.

There are some disadvantages with the Knights ARM Weapon. One is the lack of a side arm. You cannot carry it in your other hand, and if you need to use both your hands, you will be limited. This is fine, however if you plan on carrying it where you can’t just put it down, the weight makes it hard to operate. On the plus side, it is light. A couple of ounces lighter than some other Airsoft products, which makes it easier to carry.

It also has one hop up. This can cause problems when the shot is not far off target, especially at close range. It can be annoying, but this is a minor thing. A hop up would have been a good addition.

The final test for the Knights ARM Weapon is the looks. It is not too bulky, and it does not look like an Airsoft gun. The weight makes it easy to fit into most pockets, and it doesn’t stand out like many other Airsoft guns. The only real drawback is the lack of a side arm. If you plan on using the weapon in close quarter fighting, it isn’t a bad thing, but if you plan on using it against opponents who are faster, more coordinated, and with a sidearm, the Knights ARM will be rendered useless.

Overall, the Knights ARM is a good Airsoft product. It doesn’t have the coolest features or the most unique configuration, but that just means that it’s good for what it was designed for. With no side arm mechanism, it is very maneuverable and can be used against opponents at close range. It also does an excellent job of storing in a pocket or on a belt and has a reliable clip that is easy to change out.

Manufacturers Spotlight: LWRC

An excellent compact carry rifle, the Llano LWRC AR-15 is an excellent choice for hunters who are looking for a reliable, inexpensive and easily carried weapon. Like many AR-15 type rifles, the AR-15 has an adjustable rate of fire. In this case, it has a two-position telescopic dial that can be fully telescoped in three positions to allow users to adjust their firing rates. This is a very useful feature for users who may not be able to fine tune the firing rate of their weapon at the range. The locking mechanism of this rifle also allows for some degree of recoil control.

With this rifle, it was found that the best place for an instruction manual is located in the stock. This is because the manual does not have much space to move about and is really meant for people who already know how to use their weapon. A good reference book on these rifles can easily be found in most gun stores. Or, users can look up online videos by either YouTube or Vimeo.

As with most other military tactical rifle models, the Llano LWRC AR-15 has a stinger. One of the unique things about this model is that there are a rubberized buttstock stinger instead of the steel stinger on other models. The reason for this is to increase stability and to reduce vibration while the user is firing the rifle. In fact, the designers of this rifle did research for the engineers and found out that the best way to stabilize the firing of the rifle was through the addition of a rubber buttstock.

Other models of this AR-15 family feature steel stings and are known as the bull bar. Some of the drawbacks to these types of rifles are the increased weight and the increased length that they need. A major benefit of the Llano L-14 Carbine/AR-15 Stinger is its direct impingement system. This design features a one-piece bolt assembly that is supported by two pins that are located above the bolt and forward in the charging Handle. This design allows the user to place the rifle against the person’s back and to have much more accuracy than if they had used a traditional free- Float system.

In the past, free float systems were used in AR-15 style rifles because of their accuracy. What they lack in accuracy they make up for in overall stability. To remedy this problem, the designers of the Llano L-series rifles have developed the direct impingement system. What this means is that the bolt will be locked into place with no external force affecting it, which greatly increases its stability and accuracy.

The second major benefit of the Llano AR-15 Stinger is its universal compatibility. When using standard AR-15 type bases, this rifle can be used on any of the aftermarket accessories including AEG, Magpul, and other devices. Because of its universal compatibility, the Llano Rogue Gunn Works pistol and the rifle share the same magazines, grips, and other parts. This means that they can be used together to produce the best of both weapons systems.

The last major benefit of the Llano AR-15 Stinger is that it has a universal conversion kit. This means that it can be converted from a regular carbine to an electric, fully automatic rifle. This is a huge advantage over other similar makes and models of AR-15 style rifles. For example, the Remington model 14SCR can only be converted from standard to an electric model, which limits it to use with certain accessories and modifications. This can make it a much less popular option among avid shooters and hunters due to its limitation.

The Llano AR-15 Stinger can be purchased online through its official website. The product ships from distributors located in the United States, Italy, and Germany. It can be shipped to most locations in the world. The cost of shipping varies by location and total weight of the product. If you live in the United States and plan on buying one of these rifles, the cost will be significantly lower than that of purchasing from a retailer or local shopping mall.


Deer Hunting With An AR-15

Choosing the best type of AR-15 rifle to use for hunting is a crucial decision especially if you hunt deer. It is true that hunting with any other type of AR-15 rifle would be more convenient and easier but if you want to be as successful as possible, using the best kind of weapon is important. You might think that it is not easy to find the best type of AR-15 rifle for deer hunting but actually, it is not. There are many factors that will help you determine what type of AR-15 rifle works best for you and your hunting trip. Here are some of them:

image courtesy Missouri Deer Hunting

Know the target. Before you pick up the AR-15 rifle, make sure you know the type of deer you are hunting. For instance, if you want to hunt whitetails, you should use different deer hunting methods. Knowing the type of deer will make it easier for you to pick the right bullet. Once you have identified the type of deer, check the availability of the various AR-15 rifle cartridges.

The weather and time of the year play an important role in determining the type of cartridges to use for your hunting trip. In addition, consider your targets. Do you plan to use the AR-15 rifle for hunting small deer or even big ones? Knowing your purpose will make it easier to choose the right bullets. For example, if you are going to hunt larger deer, you can use specially designed cartridges that will increase your chances of success.

Know how to operate the gun. Remember that the AR-15 rifle is not an automatic gun. You still need to be knowledgeable when handling the AR-15 rifle. Read the manual that comes along with it and practice shooting until you get the feel of the gun. If you are completely new to the use of the ar-15, you can ask for the help of the staff of the local gun shop. They will be able to help you choose the right AR-15 rifle cartridges for you.

Always bring with you a bottle of water and some food items. Even though you may not be eating your meal, at least you will be hydrated. This is important during your hunting trip as most especially during the hot summer months. During hot weather, you might experience some overheating that could lead to dehydration.

These are just some of the tips that will help you embark on a successful deer hunting trip. There are actually many more helpful tips that you can find online. As long as you know what you are getting yourself into, you can definitely enjoy the experience. Although the hunting season in Maryland starts in April, you can still take advantage of the good weather. You can go ahead with your plans and enjoy the hunting trip. Good luck on your hunt.

Mfg Spotlight: Noveske

The Noveske ar-15 is a folding, fully-automatic, red-dressed, magazine-fed, semi-automatic, pump-less, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, gas powered, semi- automatic, pump-less, high powered, fixed blade carbine developed for the special assignment of gun hunting by the Navy Seals. It is the oldest British army issued a rifle and was used by the British Grenadiers during the Boer War. A more up to date and lighter weight model of the Noveske ar-15 is the Noveske Rifles ar-15.

The Noveske ar-15 is a bullpen gun with a magazine holding over one thousand cartridges. It is a light weight, easily transportable, strong and efficient weapon. It can fire a heavy gauge bullet at ranges in excess of two thousand feet. It can be used to shoot at short ranges to stop the red deer quickly, which will draw their attention to your red deer hunting camp. It is effective in this situation because if the deer are not stopped quickly they will run away.

The Noveske Rifles red deer shooting centre is a folding, metal body, which is easily portable. It can be folded or collapsed flat when not in use, which makes it easier to transport and less likely to damage its case or its magazine if it falls over. It is fully lined with red dot synthetic optic sights and includes a sling adapter and a rubber butt pad.

The butt pad can be removed without disassembling the whole unit, although some people like to keep it in place. It is made of synthetic polymer and has a Velcro fastening strap to attach to a sling. The rear sight on the Noveske ar-15 is also located on the sling, which means that all three sights can be easily located. There is an adjustable windage dial which can be used while the gun is being fired. On the side of the unit there is a magazine feed swivel which can be adjusted for both left or right handed persons. The sling adapter also allows for left hand shooters to shoot right handed ammunition.

The Noveske Ar-15 weighs in at seven and one-half ounces, which is medium weight for a semi-automatic rifle. It has a standard bull barrel with a small porting mouth. The rifle is offered in either left or right hand models. There is a plastic carry case that provides a good carrying handle. The rifle comes with two rubber covers that protect the finish on the barrel and the buttstock from scratches.

For hunters who are considering this type of rifle, there are many excellent options available. Some of these include the Diamond Steak Up (FSR), the Bobcat, and the Noveske AR-15 Carbine. Each of these models is offered in black or red, and each has their own unique features. Once you have examined the different models you will be more comfortable in making your decision.